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Idbi Bank Kannur IFSC Code and all branches

Last updated : 14-11-2020 Page views : 3094

List of all branches located in Kannur district of Kerala Idbi Bank.

#Branch NameIFSC code
1Co Op BankIBKL0340K53
2Co Op Bank AzhikodeIBKL0340K09
3Co Op Bank ChakkarakalIBKL0340K14
4Co Op Bank Chakkarakal IIBKL0340K07
5Co Op Bank CherupuzhaIBKL0340K50
6Co Op Bank ChokliIBKL0340K28
7Co Op Bank DharmasalaIBKL0340K18
8Co Op Bank EdakkadIBKL0340K05
9Co Op Bank IrikkurIBKL0340K38
10Co Op Bank IrittyIBKL0340K47
11Co Op Bank Iritty IIBKL0340K43
12Co Op Bank KambilIBKL0340K11
13Co Op Bank KannapuramIBKL0340K03
14Co Op Bank KannurIBKL0340K01
15Co Op Bank Kannur IIBKL0340K08
16Co Op Bank Kannur IiIBKL0340K10
17Co Op Bank Kannur IiiIBKL0340K13
18Co Op Bank KarivellurIBKL0340K51
19Co Op Bank KaruvanchalIBKL0340K42
20Co Op Bank KelakamIBKL0340K49
21Co Op Bank KoodaliIBKL0340K04
22Co Op Bank KottiyoorIBKL0340K46
23Co Op Bank KuthuparambaIBKL0340K20
24Co Op Bank Kuthuparamba IIBKL0340K25
25Co Op Bank MamabaramIBKL0340K23
26Co Op Bank MathamangalamIBKL0340K52
27Co Op Bank MattannurIBKL0340K37
28Co Op Bank NewmaheIBKL0340K48
29Co Op Bank Panoor IIBKL0340K26
30Co Op Bank PariyaramIBKL0340K33
31Co Op Bank PayangadiIBKL0340K34
32Co Op Bank Payyannur IIBKL0340K31
33Co Op Bank PeravoorIBKL0340K44
34Co Op Bank Peringathur IIBKL0340K29
35Co Op Bank PuthiyatheruIBKL0340K12
36Co Op Bank SreekandapuramIBKL0340K40
37Co Op Bank TaliparambaIBKL0340K16
38Co Op Bank ThalasseryIBKL0340K19
39Co Op Bank Thalassery IIBKL0340K27
40Co Op Bank Thalassery IiIBKL0340K21
41Co Op Bank ThazhechovvaIBKL0340K02
42Co Op Bankltd 4IBKL0340K15
43Co Op BankpayangadimainIBKL0340PC1
44Co Opbank Mattannur IIBKL0340K39
45Co Opbank PanoorIBKL0340K22
46Co Opbank ParatIBKL0340K45
47Co Opbank Pariyaram IIBKL0340K36
48Co Opbank PayyannurIBKL0340K30
49Co Opbank Payyannur IiIBKL0340K32
50Co Opbank PeringathurIBKL0340K24
51Co Opbank PilatharaIBKL0340K35
52Co Opbank Puthiyatheru IIBKL0340K06
53Co Opbank Sreekandapuram IIBKL0340K41
54Co Opbank Taliparamba IIBKL0340K17
55Co Opbank TaraIBKL0340PC2
56Co Operative Bank SouthbazarIBKL046KS14
57Co Operative Urban Bank CityIBKL0340KU2
58Co Operative Urban Bank M EIBKL0340KU4
59Co Operative Urban Bank MainIBKL0340KU1
60Co Operative Urban Bank MannaIBKL0340T01
61Co Operative Urban Bank National HighwayIBKL0340TCU
62Co Operative Urban Bank PodikkunduIBKL0340KU3