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Allahabad Bank Kolkata IFSC Code and all branches

Last updated : 03-12-2020 Page views : 3437

List of all branches located in Kolkata district of West Bengal Allahabad Bank.

#Branch NameIFSC code
1Alipore Branch KolkataALLA0210022
2Aswini Dutta RoadALLA0211257
3Bagh BazarALLA0210598
6Baranagar Tobin RdALLA0211340
8Bow Bazar StreetALLA0210406
9Burrabazar KolkataALLA0210033
10Central ParkALLA0211218
11Chakraberia Branch KolkataALLA0210325
13College SquareALLA0211713
14College StreetALLA0210029
15Command HospitalALLA0212587
16D H RoadALLA0211722
18Dum Dum CantonmentALLA0211726
19Dum Dum Nager BazarALLA0210423
20Dum Dum ParkALLA0212265
21Dunlop BridgeALLA0210631
22Future Institute Of Eng And ManagementALLA0212445
23Garden Reach Shipbuilders And Engineers LtdALLA0212446
24Gariahat KolkataALLA0210037
25Gauri BereALLA0210914
26Golf GardenALLA0212249
27Harish Mukherjee RoadALLA0210300
28Head OfficeALLA0210032
29Howrah M K RoadALLA0210616
30Industrial Finance Branch KolkataALLA0211501
31International Branch KolkataALLA0211154
35Kolkata Arabinda SaraniALLA0210737
36Kolkata B B AvenueALLA0211707
37Kolkata B B Chatterjee StALLA0211742
38Kolkata B K Paul AvenueALLA0210025
39Kolkata BarishaALLA0210841
40Kolkata Beadon StreetALLA0211705
41Kolkata BeliaghataALLA0210028
42Kolkata BhowaniporeALLA0210023
43Kolkata Brabone RoadALLA0210036
44Kolkata Camac StALLA0211816
45Kolkata Chittaranjan AvenueALLA0210027
46Kolkata ChowringheeALLA0210343
47Kolkata CossiporeALLA0211115
48Kolkata DakshineswarALLA0210303
49Kolkata Dharamtolla StreetALLA0210030
50Kolkata Elgin RdALLA0210633
51Kolkata EntallyALLA0210331
52Kolkata Garden ReachALLA0210962
53Kolkata GariaALLA0211703
54Kolkata GolparkALLA0210675
55Kolkata Gopal Lal Thakur RoadALLA0211811
56Kolkata Grey Street ExtnALLA0211709
57Kolkata HatibaganALLA0210612
58Kolkata HatkholaALLA0211715
59Kolkata Hazra RoadALLA0210258
60Kolkata J L Nehru RoadALLA0211708
61Kolkata JadavpurALLA0211129
62Kolkata Jodhpur ParkALLA0210034
63Kolkata K K Tagore StreetALLA0210035
64Kolkata KankurgachiALLA0211031
65Kolkata KidderporeALLA0210933
66Kolkata Lake GardensALLA0210279
67Kolkata Mukul BoseALLA0211258
68Kolkata P K Guha RoadALLA0211836
69Kolkata PaikparaALLA0210709
70Kolkata Park CircusALLA0210422
71Kolkata Parnashree PallyALLA0211791
72Kolkata PostaALLA0211783
73Kolkata Ritchie RoadALLA0211753
74Kolkata Salt Lake CityALLA0211829
75Kolkata SantoshpurALLA0211738
76Kolkata SealdahALLA0210614
77Kolkata ShyambazarALLA0210038
78Kolkata South BranchALLA0210026
79Kolkata South SinthiALLA0211714
80Kolkata Strand RoadALLA0211716
81Kolkata TollygungeALLA0210280
82Kolkata UltadangaALLA0210613
83Kolkata Wellesley StreetALLA0210495
84Lake Town KolkataALLA0211752
86Main Branch KolkataALLA0210031
87Mission Row Branch KolkataALLA0211710
89New Alipore KolkataALLA0210324
90Niccopark And Resorts BranchALLA0212491
91Park Street Branch KolkataALLA0210278
93R N Tagore IicsALLA0212447
95Rash Behari AvenueALLA0210386
96Red Cross Place KolkataALLA0211723
97Roynagar BansdroniALLA0211762
98Sakuntala ParkALLA0210354
99Salt Lake La BlockALLA0212268
100Salt Lake Sector Iii BranchALLA0212181
101Southern AvenueALLA0210346
102Ssifb KolkataALLA0211913
103Stephen House KolkataALLA0210494