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Allahabad Bank Sitapur IFSC Code and all branches

Last updated : 01-12-2020 Page views : 5722

List of all branches located in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Bank.

#Branch NameIFSC code
1Allahabad Up Gramin AliaALLA0AU1304
2Allahabad Up Gramin ArthanaALLA0AU1314
3Allahabad Up Gramin AtariaALLA0AU1244
4Allahabad Up Gramin AunttALLA0AU1285
5Allahabad Up Gramin AurangabadALLA0AU1246
6Allahabad Up Gramin BabupurALLA0AU1331
7Allahabad Up Gramin BahadurganjALLA0AU1326
8Allahabad Up Gramin BahadurnagarALLA0AU1324
9Allahabad Up Gramin Bakhuwa BazarALLA0AU1311
10Allahabad Up Gramin BambhauraALLA0AU1261
11Allahabad Up Gramin Bank AkbarpurALLA0AU1272
12Allahabad Up Gramin Bank AngarasiALLA0AU1641
13Allahabad Up Gramin Bank Baba KutiALLA0AU1632
14Allahabad Up Gramin Bank ChandrasainiALLA0AU1637
15Allahabad Up Gramin Bank GeruhaALLA0AU1629
16Allahabad Up Gramin Bank HariharpurALLA0AU1636
17Allahabad Up Gramin Bank KotaraALLA0AU1635
18Allahabad Up Gramin Bank KunwargaddiALLA0AU1633
19Allahabad Up Gramin Bank MadorALLA0AU1638
20Allahabad Up Gramin Bank MarsandaALLA0AU1639
21Allahabad Up Gramin Bank NeorajpurALLA0AU1634
22Allahabad Up Gramin Bank SamaisaALLA0AU1642
23Allahabad Up Gramin Bank SuraichaALLA0AU1631
24Allahabad Up Gramin Banni KharailaALLA0AU1328
25Allahabad Up Gramin BansuraALLA0AU1294
26Allahabad Up Gramin BaraijalalpurALLA0AU1250
27Allahabad Up Gramin BargawanALLA0AU1239
28Allahabad Up Gramin BariALLA0AU1295
29Allahabad Up Gramin BaunabhariALLA0AU1300
30Allahabad Up Gramin BeehatgaurALLA0AU1565
31Allahabad Up Gramin BehmaALLA0AU1320
32Allahabad Up Gramin BhadfarALLA0AU1299
33Allahabad Up Gramin BhadmaraALLA0AU1523
34Allahabad Up Gramin BhandiaALLA0AU1255
35Allahabad Up Gramin BhithauliALLA0AU1310
36Allahabad Up Gramin BilariaALLA0AU1327
37Allahabad Up Gramin Bilauli BazarALLA0AU1286
38Allahabad Up Gramin BiswanALLA0AU1256
39Allahabad Up Gramin ChandpurALLA0AU1301
40Allahabad Up Gramin ChatuniALLA0AU1521
41Allahabad Up Gramin DeokaliaALLA0AU1277
42Allahabad Up Gramin Emiliya SultanpurALLA0AU1305
43Allahabad Up Gramin Fateh NagarALLA0AU1526
44Allahabad Up Gramin GangapurwaALLA0AU1325
45Allahabad Up Gramin GodhanaALLA0AU1282
46Allahabad Up Gramin GondalamauALLA0AU1289
47Allahabad Up Gramin GopalpurALLA0AU1317
48Allahabad Up Gramin GureraALLA0AU1589
49Allahabad Up Gramin HaiderpurALLA0AU1330
50Allahabad Up Gramin Halim NagarALLA0AU1333
51Allahabad Up Gramin HargaonALLA0AU1245
52Allahabad Up Gramin Hotel SukhdaiALLA0AU1307
53Allahabad Up Gramin HusainganjALLA0AU1309
54Allahabad Up Gramin IndrauliALLA0AU1336
55Allahabad Up Gramin ItauaALLA0AU1338
56Allahabad Up Gramin JahangirabadALLA0AU1296
57Allahabad Up Gramin JharekhapurALLA0AU1267
58Allahabad Up Gramin KachnarALLA0AU1308
59Allahabad Up Gramin KallieALLA0AU1292
60Allahabad Up Gramin KamalapurALLA0AU1312
61Allahabad Up Gramin KarounaALLA0AU1522
62Allahabad Up Gramin KazikamalpurALLA0AU1273
63Allahabad Up Gramin KesariganjALLA0AU1249
64Allahabad Up Gramin KhagesiamauALLA0AU1323
65Allahabad Up Gramin KhairabadALLA0AU1253
66Allahabad Up Gramin KhalgaonALLA0AU1591
67Allahabad Up Gramin Khanpur KankariALLA0AU1318
68Allahabad Up Gramin KishoreganjALLA0AU1270
69Allahabad Up Gramin Kotra Shiv ThanaALLA0AU1278
70Allahabad Up Gramin KunwarpurALLA0AU1306
71Allahabad Up Gramin KursiALLA0AU1337
72Allahabad Up Gramin KutubnagarALLA0AU1241
73Allahabad Up Gramin LaharpurALLA0AU1298
74Allahabad Up Gramin Lalpur BazarALLA0AU1252
75Allahabad Up Gramin MachhrehtaALLA0AU1235
76Allahabad Up Gramin MadaruaALLA0AU1335
77Allahabad Up Gramin MadnapurALLA0AU1339
78Allahabad Up Gramin Mahadev AtraALLA0AU1279
79Allahabad Up Gramin MaharajnagarALLA0AU1254
80Allahabad Up Gramin MahmudabadALLA0AU1240
81Allahabad Up Gramin MaholiALLA0AU1243
82Allahabad Up Gramin Makhuwapur ChaubeypurALLA0AU1605
83Allahabad Up Gramin Mandi SamitiALLA0AU1260
84Allahabad Up Gramin ManpurALLA0AU1275
85Allahabad Up Gramin MavaiyaALLA0AU1184
86Allahabad Up Gramin MehndipurwaALLA0AU1303
87Allahabad Up Gramin MiranagarALLA0AU1592
88Allahabad Up Gramin MisrikhALLA0AU1257
89Allahabad Up Gramin MudrasanALLA0AU1280
90Allahabad Up Gramin NaipalapurALLA0AU1485
91Allahabad Up Gramin NeelgaonALLA0AU1269
92Allahabad Up Gramin NeemsarALLA0AU1315
93Allahabad Up Gramin NeriALLA0AU1268
94Allahabad Up Gramin NerikalanALLA0AU1274
95Allahabad Up Gramin PaitepurALLA0AU1248
96Allahabad Up Gramin ParsadaALLA0AU1302
97Allahabad Up Gramin ParsehraALLA0AU1590
98Allahabad Up Gramin Parsehra DhakhiaALLA0AU1297
99Allahabad Up Gramin ParsendiALLA0AU1236
100Allahabad Up Gramin PatabojhALLA0AU1566
101Allahabad Up Gramin PisawanALLA0AU1313
102Allahabad Up Gramin Purana SitapurALLA0AU1316
103Allahabad Up Gramin RahimabadALLA0AU1604
104Allahabad Up Gramin RaipurALLA0AU1340
105Allahabad Up Gramin Rajapur KalanALLA0AU1413
106Allahabad Up Gramin Rampur MathuraALLA0AU1259
107Allahabad Up Gramin RampurkalanALLA0AU1265
108Allahabad Up Gramin RatausiaALLA0AU1332
109Allahabad Up Gramin ReosaALLA0AU1258
110Allahabad Up Gramin RiharALLA0AU1525
111Allahabad Up Gramin S RajasahibALLA0AU1238
112Allahabad Up Gramin SadarpurALLA0AU1262
113Allahabad Up Gramin SahadatnagarALLA0AU1322
114Allahabad Up Gramin SakranALLA0AU1264
115Allahabad Up Gramin SandaALLA0AU1288
116Allahabad Up Gramin SandanaALLA0AU1237
117Allahabad Up Gramin SandilaALLA0AU1293
118Allahabad Up Gramin Sarayan SaniALLA0AU1319
119Allahabad Up Gramin SeotaALLA0AU1266
120Allahabad Up Gramin ShahmaholiALLA0AU1290
121Allahabad Up Gramin ShahpurALLA0AU1276
122Allahabad Up Gramin ShamshabadALLA0AU1524
123Allahabad Up Gramin SidhauliALLA0AU1242
124Allahabad Up Gramin SirauliALLA0AU1321
125Allahabad Up Gramin Sita RasoiALLA0AU1281
126Allahabad Up Gramin SitapurALLA0AU1247
127Allahabad Up Gramin SuhetaraALLA0AU1334
128Allahabad Up Gramin TalgaonALLA0AU1287
129Allahabad Up Gramin TambourALLA0AU1251
130Allahabad Up Gramin ThangaonALLA0AU1271
131Allahabad Up Gramin TikraALLA0AU1329
132Allahabad Up Gramin UrdauliALLA0AU1291
133Allahabad Up Gramin Wazir NagarALLA0AU1283
134Allahabad Up Gramn SitapurALLA0AU1112
135Allahabad Up Grsmin BrahmawaliALLA0AU1284
137Aupgb Dhaukal GanjALLA0AU1630
139Bihta PakuriALLA0210826
141Civil Lines SitapurALLA0210110
143Emilia SultanpurALLA0210349
144Gonda DeoriaALLA0211503
149Kic MaholiALLA0212209
153Misrikh Cum NeemsarALLA0210112
156Rajeshwari Inter Colleege MisrikhALLA0212210
166Sitapur LalbaghALLA0210694
168Terwa MankapurALLA0211640
169Vikash BhawanALLA0212208