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Allahabad Bank Shravasti IFSC Code and all branches

Last updated : 01-12-2020 Page views : 1898

List of all branches located in Shravasti district of Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Bank.

#Branch NameIFSC code
1Allahabad Up Gramin Bank RamgarhALLA0AU1646
2Allahabad Up Gramin BeerpurALLA0AU1398
3Allahabad Up Gramin BhangaALLA0AU1363
4Allahabad Up Gramin Bhartha KalanALLA0AU1573
5Allahabad Up Gramin BhingaALLA0AU1405
6Allahabad Up Gramin BhujangaALLA0AU1430
7Allahabad Up Gramin ChichriALLA0AU1529
8Allahabad Up Gramin DeoraniaALLA0AU1527
9Allahabad Up Gramin Emiliya KaranpurALLA0AU1568
10Allahabad Up Gramin Ghurma ParsiaALLA0AU1382
11Allahabad Up Gramin GothwaALLA0AU1394
12Allahabad Up Gramin GularaALLA0AU1426
13Allahabad Up Gramin HarbanshpurALLA0AU1574
14Allahabad Up Gramin Hardatt NagarALLA0AU1364
15Allahabad Up Gramin J C KatgharaALLA0AU1369
16Allahabad Up Gramin Jokhawa BazarALLA0AU1400
17Allahabad Up Gramin Kamla BhariALLA0AU1575
18Allahabad Up Gramin Lakshamanpur BazarALLA0AU1359
19Allahabad Up Gramin Laxman NagarALLA0AU1393
20Allahabad Up Gramin Lengari GularALLA0AU1567
21Allahabad Up Gramin MajhauaALLA0AU1416
22Allahabad Up Gramin MalhipurALLA0AU1431
23Allahabad Up Gramin MohnipurALLA0AU1555
24Allahabad Up Gramin Nasirganj MahadevaALLA0AU1358
25Allahabad Up Gramin PandepurwaALLA0AU1365
26Allahabad Up Gramin ParevpurALLA0AU1572
27Allahabad Up Gramin ParsadehariaALLA0AU1528
28Allahabad Up Gramin RatnapurALLA0AU1391
29Allahabad Up Gramin SubhikhaALLA0AU1390
30Allahabad Up Gramin TilakpurALLA0AU1395
31Allahabad Up Gramin TulsipurALLA0AU1374
32Aupgb Lalpur PrahladaALLA0AU1628
36Gukulsingh PurweALLA0211660
39Katra SrawastiALLA0210858
40Laxman Nagar ModALLA0213467
44Semrichak PihaniALLA0211869
47Vikas Bhawan BhingaALLA0212970