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Ifsc code: Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad Bank, India, All Post Office list and Addresses Data

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List of Ifsccodes in Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh state on Allahabad Bank, india
#Post OfficesIFSC code
1Allahabad Up Gramn AinchwaraALLA0AU1103
2Allahabad Up Gramn BachharanALLA0AU1115
3Allahabad Up Gramn Balapur KhalshaALLA0AU1607
4Allahabad Up Gramn BandhiALLA0AU1606
5Allahabad Up Gramn Bank BiyawalALLA0AU1617
6Allahabad Up Gramn Bank PoorabpataiALLA0AU1618
7Allahabad Up Gramn BaraurALLA0AU1609
8Allahabad Up Gramn BargarhALLA0AU1097
9Allahabad Up Gramn Bedi PuliaALLA0AU1154
10Allahabad Up Gramn BhainsaudhaALLA0AU1537
11Allahabad Up Gramn BharatkoopALLA0AU1104
12Allahabad Up Gramn BhaunriALLA0AU1094
13Allahabad Up Gramn ChakaundhALLA0AU1135
14Allahabad Up Gramn ChhivlahaALLA0AU1142
15Allahabad Up Gramn Chhivon RamnagarALLA0AU1114
16Allahabad Up Gramn Chureh KeseruaALLA0AU1560
17Allahabad Up Gramn GaniwaALLA0AU1161
18Allahabad Up Gramn GarchappaALLA0AU1559
19Allahabad Up Gramn GhuretanpurALLA0AU1608
20Allahabad Up Gramn KarwiALLA0AU1091
21Allahabad Up Gramn KhandehaALLA0AU1100
22Allahabad Up Gramn Lalta RoadALLA0AU1129
23Allahabad Up Gramn LamiyariALLA0AU1500
24Allahabad Up Gramn Majhgaon RajapurALLA0AU1120
25Allahabad Up Gramn Mandi Samiti KarwiALLA0AU1209
26Allahabad Up Gramn ManikpurALLA0AU1155
27Allahabad Up Gramn MarkundiALLA0AU1111
28Allahabad Up Gramn MauALLA0AU1157
29Allahabad Up Gramn MurkaALLA0AU1158
30Allahabad Up Gramn Nadin KurmiyanALLA0AU1140
31Allahabad Up Gramn NaditauraALLA0AU1136
32Allahabad Up Gramn PahariALLA0AU1160
33Allahabad Up Gramn RaipuraALLA0AU1093
34Allahabad Up Gramn SaraiyanALLA0AU1138
35Allahabad Up Gramn ShivrampurALLA0AU1096
36Allahabad Up Gramn Sonepur KarwiALLA0AU1229
37Allahabad Up Gramn UmariALLA0AU1128
46Vikas BhawanALLA0213502