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Allahabad Bank Bahraich IFSC Code and all branches

Last updated : 01-12-2020 Page views : 4739

List of all branches located in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Bank.

#Branch NameIFSC code
1Allahabad Up Gramin AshwamohamadpurALLA0AU1354
2Allahabad Up Gramin Bada GaonALLA0AU1429
3Allahabad Up Gramin Badhaia KalanALLA0AU1427
4Allahabad Up Gramin BadrauliALLA0AU1362
5Allahabad Up Gramin BahraichALLA0AU1344
6Allahabad Up Gramin BankashiALLA0AU1583
7Allahabad Up Gramin Banwari GopalpurALLA0AU1582
8Allahabad Up Gramin BaraiparaALLA0AU1653
9Allahabad Up Gramin Bardaha KaALLA0AU1655
10Allahabad Up Gramin Bari Mahesh PurALLA0AU1585
11Allahabad Up Gramin Baundi FatehullapurALLA0AU1577
12Allahabad Up Gramin BegampurALLA0AU1386
13Allahabad Up Gramin BehraALLA0AU1372
14Allahabad Up Gramin Bhaggarwa BazarALLA0AU1384
15Allahabad Up Gramin BhediariALLA0AU1662
16Allahabad Up Gramin Bhilaura BasuALLA0AU1378
17Allahabad Up Gramin Birhimpur BelahapuraALLA0AU1557
18Allahabad Up Gramin Bulbul NewajALLA0AU1579
19Allahabad Up Gramin ChaffariaALLA0AU1355
20Allahabad Up Gramin ChakujotALLA0AU1421
21Allahabad Up Gramin ChardaALLA0AU1373
22Allahabad Up Gramin Chawani Bz BrhALLA0AU1503
23Allahabad Up Gramin Civil Lines BrhALLA0AU1351
24Allahabad Up Gramin DihaALLA0AU1410
25Allahabad Up Gramin DihwaALLA0AU1652
26Allahabad Up Gramin FakherpurALLA0AU1396
27Allahabad Up Gramin GadwaALLA0AU1417
28Allahabad Up Gramin GaighatALLA0AU1375
29Allahabad Up Gramin GajadharpurALLA0AU1403
30Allahabad Up Gramin Gambhirwa BazarALLA0AU1389
31Allahabad Up Gramin GandaraALLA0AU1377
32Allahabad Up Gramin GangwalALLA0AU1361
33Allahabad Up Gramin GendhariaALLA0AU1659
34Allahabad Up Gramin GoorhALLA0AU1401
35Allahabad Up Gramin Gulariha GALLA0AU1660
36Allahabad Up Gramin HajoorpurALLA0AU1367
37Allahabad Up Gramin HarchandaALLA0AU1661
38Allahabad Up Gramin HardiALLA0AU1397
39Allahabad Up Gramin HarkhapurALLA0AU1553
40Allahabad Up Gramin Itaha BasthanwaALLA0AU1388
41Allahabad Up Gramin Jagannathpur Share BechyiALLA0AU1407
42Allahabad Up Gramin JaitapurALLA0AU1368
43Allahabad Up Gramin Jamunha NanparaALLA0AU1352
44Allahabad Up Gramin Jarwal KasbaALLA0AU1380
45Allahabad Up Gramin Jarwal RoadALLA0AU1406
46Allahabad Up Gramin JhalaALLA0AU1554
47Allahabad Up Gramin K B Ganj R B PurALLA0AU1399
48Allahabad Up Gramin KaisarganjALLA0AU1404
49Allahabad Up Gramin KakariALLA0AU1422
50Allahabad Up Gramin Kanchhar MtakALLA0AU1411
51Allahabad Up Gramin KandailaALLA0AU1381
52Allahabad Up Gramin Katiliya Bhoop SinghALLA0AU1586
53Allahabad Up Gramin Khaira BazarALLA0AU1392
54Allahabad Up Gramin KhajurarALLA0AU1357
55Allahabad Up Gramin Khasha MohammadpurALLA0AU1552
56Allahabad Up Gramin KhutehnaALLA0AU1366
57Allahabad Up Gramin Kishunpur MithaALLA0AU1424
58Allahabad Up Gramin KundasarALLA0AU1348
59Allahabad Up Gramin Kutti PremdasALLA0AU1385
60Allahabad Up Gramin LaukahiALLA0AU1408
61Allahabad Up Gramin LaukiALLA0AU1402
62Allahabad Up Gramin MachhiyahiALLA0AU1420
63Allahabad Up Gramin MaharajganjALLA0AU1419
64Allahabad Up Gramin MahasiALLA0AU1353
65Allahabad Up Gramin MarochaALLA0AU1376
66Allahabad Up Gramin MihinpurwaALLA0AU1347
67Allahabad Up Gramin MoglahaALLA0AU1581
68Allahabad Up Gramin NanparaALLA0AU1345
69Allahabad Up Gramin Narhar GaudaALLA0AU1657
70Allahabad Up Gramin Narsingh DihaALLA0AU1414
71Allahabad Up Gramin Nauwa GaonALLA0AU1580
72Allahabad Up Gramin NawabganjALLA0AU1423
73Allahabad Up Gramin NewadaALLA0AU1409
74Allahabad Up Gramin Pahelwara P B AddaALLA0AU1383
75Allahabad Up Gramin PayagpurALLA0AU1346
76Allahabad Up Gramin PuraineeALLA0AU1418
77Allahabad Up Gramin PurenaALLA0AU1387
78Allahabad Up Gramin Raipur ThaliaALLA0AU1379
79Allahabad Up Gramin RajwapurALLA0AU1428
80Allahabad Up Gramin RampurwaALLA0AU1360
81Allahabad Up Gramin RasulabadALLA0AU1425
82Allahabad Up Gramin RithaudaALLA0AU1584
83Allahabad Up Gramin RoybojhaALLA0AU1654
84Allahabad Up Gramin RupaidihaALLA0AU1349
85Allahabad Up Gramin Shankar PurALLA0AU1371
86Allahabad Up Gramin ShivdahaALLA0AU1658
87Allahabad Up Gramin ShivpurALLA0AU1350
88Allahabad Up Gramin SinghaiALLA0AU1578
89Allahabad Up Gramin Sisai SalonALLA0AU1415
90Allahabad Up Gramin SonwaALLA0AU1356
91Allahabad Up Gramin SorahiyaALLA0AU1576
92Allahabad Up Gramin Talbaghel RpkALLA0AU1342
93Allahabad Up Gramin Tendwa BasantpurALLA0AU1412
94Allahabad Up Gramin UrraALLA0AU1370
95Allahabad Up Gramin WajirganjALLA0AU1556
100Bhawaniyapur RamgarhiALLA0211368
102Bubkapur MarochaALLA0211091
104Chhavni Bazaar BranchALLA0213124
107Civil Lines BahraichALLA0213327
112Hariharpur RaniALLA0211650
115Jarwal KasbaALLA0210837
121Matera KalanALLA0211654
122Mehru MurtihaALLA0211366
128Rampur DhobiaALLA0211369
131Shivpur LalpurALLA0211670
133Vikas Bhawan BahraichALLA0212293