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BSR stands for Basic Statistical Return Code. This code is provided to all the Registered Public and Private Bank by RBI. A BSR Code has 7 Digits. Out of that the first three Digits represents the Bank Name and the next four digit represent the Bank Branch. It is mainly used for filing Tax Deduction and also for tax Collection.

Now the Question Comes, What is the BSR Code of a bank? The answer is very simple. Here you will get the answer and a much more detailed explanation related to BSR Code. IFSC Code, MICR Codes, and furthermore any semblance of prior.

Nonetheless, recently we have been seeing the advocacy of what's referenced as the BSR Code. What region unit BSR Codes and what region unit the essential possessions you might want to comprehend BSR Codes. During this page, you'll understand all significant data concerning BSR Codes.

BSR Code Finders are of great Use to the people who do not know the exact BSR code of a Bank. As BSR code Varies with bank and Branch, hence BSR Code Finder Websites are of great use. BSR Code Search is one the most searched term in Google in Banking Terms because many are unaware of the BSR Code. For getting the exact BSR Code you have to know the Bank and Branch. Thus, you can easily find Bank by BSR Code.

Where region unit BSR Codes utilized?

BSR Codes region unit utilized primarily once recording discount at supply (TDS) and Duty Gathered at supply (TCS) returns. This code encourages banks to remain a straightforward record of each on-line installment done towards charge, which is completely made possible to the tax assessment Office by the banks. BSR Codes commonly appear to be on resulting archives:

List of all banks bsr code
#Bank NameStatesBranches
1Allahabad Bank322494
2Andhra Bank151394
3Axis Bank341416
4Bank Of Baroda232478
5Bank Of India232683
6Bank Of Maharashtra101197
7Canara Bank303610
8Central Bank Of India343932
9Corporation Bank281353
10Dena Bank271185
11Hdfc Bank332089
12Icici Bank332121
13Idbi Bank32960
14Indian Bank301960
15Indian Embassy11
16Indian Overseas Bank322640
17Oriental Bank Of Commerce281737
18Punjab And Sindh Bank261092
19Punjab National Bank334979
20State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur19929
21State Bank Of Hyderabad181413
22State Bank Of India3512829
23State Bank Of Mysore12720
24State Bank Of Patiala211036
25State Bank Of Trvancore16805
26Syndicate Bank161922
27Union Bank Of India303050
28United Bank Of India321712
29United Commercial Bank271859
30Vijaya Bank311246

How BSR Codes territory unit grouped?

BSR Codes territory unit delegated follows:

BSR1: Return on Advances from all branches on the last Fri of June and Dec. It's isolated into 2 parts – half I that manages accounts with limits over Rs. 10,000 and a half II that manages accounts cutoff points of Rs.10,000 and less.

BSR2: Return Stores from all branches on the last Fri of June and Dec.

BSR3: Return Advances against the security of world-class Touchy Products from Administrative centers on last Fri of consistently.

BSR4: Return on ownership of Bank Stores (once in a long time) from all branches (supplanting blessing yearly study from head workplaces) on the last Fri of Spring.

BSR5: Profit from Bank Ventures (yearly) from Head work environment (on the lines of Study of Bank Speculations) on the Judgment day of Spring.

BSR6: Overview on Charges to Stores Records (Quinquennial) from Gregorian schedule month to Spring of the year.

BSR7: Review on blend Stores and Gross Bank Credit (Quarterly) by head workplaces of the bank as on last Fri of June, Sep and Dec, and as on Walk 31.

Thus, the reverse can also be done. You can also search Bank by BSR Code. There are many websites where you can do this. Simple you have to type the BSR Code and Full detailed information of the Bank will be displayed in front of you. Hence, banks' search by BSR Code can easily be done.

What region unit the upsides of exploitation BSR Codes?

BSR Codes escort sort of genuine preferences. kind of them are:

Global Tax collection:

Global tax collection standards maintain the need for a bank's code through that settlements zone unit made. Having the code, helps charge specialists track the settlements made by a private to a faraway country. The code is required if the remittal occurs through a distant bank in Bharat.

Assists senior citizens with getting their annuities sooner:

BSR codes territory unit is totally fundamental if senior electors region unit needing to incite their benefits while not a bug. Other than serving with the basic progression of benefits, the codes conjointly encourage accumulate all the important parts of a particular bank office. to initiate this benefit, however, senior citizens had the chance to illuminate their bank office concerning the annuity and supply their financial records assortment with the BSR code.

Tax collection:

BSR codes territory unit indispensable for tax assessment Office, World Wellbeing Association utilize these codes to get and assemble information and records of duties paid through banks, the on-line move of challan subtleties.

The contrast between IFSC Code and BSR Codes:

Both IFSC codes and BSR codes zone unit comparative inside the point they serve: they help unambiguously decide the bank. the principal differentiation between the 2, notwithstanding, is that the fluctuation of digits acclimated addresses the information. though IFSC codes contain 11 letters, BSR codes zone unit exclusively seven digits in length.

To add it up, charge filings done through banks will ordinarily get too relentless to even consider following. BSR Codes, in any case, get back to the salvage and make the pursuit strategy tons extra consistent and productive.

Bank BSR Code plays an Important Role in the Financials because many transactions take place on the basis of Bank BSR Code.

FAQs on BSR code

  • BSR Codes and CIN: What's the association?
    Challan recognizable proof (CIN) is actually a 20-digit unmistakable ID that is given on the citizen's stub. BSR code choices inside the CIN assortment and is utilized as a blend along the edge of the date of the store (which comes up to eight digits) and furthermore the challan assortment (5 digits).
  • How to Find BSR Code of TDS Challan?
    Finding BSR Code of TDS Challan is Very Simple. First, you have to go to the official website for Verifying the challan. Go to, then type the CIN and View the BSR Code. You will also get the Amount Deposited and the Challan Serial Number along with it.
  • What is a Challan Distinguishing proof Number?
    A sequential assortment given by the storehouse monetary foundation of Bharat is turning out to be applied for all challans which can be offered in cash, move checks, and clearing checks further.

    Up to this, I hope that you have understood the meaning of the Bank BSR Code. Now here are some questions related to the bank BSR code that you may have. And we have also given the solutions to those questions. BSR Code Search can be done easily by the official Websites.

  • How to search BSR Code of Bank?
    You will get many only tools on the Internet to get the BSR code of banks. Getting the BSR Code of Banks is very simple. The Internet has made life easier. You can go to any website which allows you to get a BSR code just by entering few details. Generally to get a BSR Code search you have to enter your State Name then-District name and then the Bank Name. You will get your BSR Code. It is that simple. BSR Code Finder tools help us a lot in solving our problems.
  • What is the greatness between the IFSC code and the BSR code?
    The total extraordinary between the IFSC code and furthermore the BSR code is that the IFSC code could be an 11-digit code though a BSR code comprises just seven digits. Nonetheless, their significant reason for existing is that the equivalent of giving an absolutely interesting character to the bank.
  • How are you ready to understand the challan subtleties?
    You'll be constrained to venture out to the site of NSDL and snap on the decision of Challan standing Enquiry from the rundown of 'Administrations' gave. you'll at that point had the chance to be constrained to enter either the BSR code or the CIN and amount subtleties.
  • What is the greatness between the BSR code and furthermore the Challan Recognizable proof Number?
    The Challan ID could be a region of the BSR code given by the vault monetary foundation of Bharat to any or all enlisted banks inside the country. The CIN could be a 20-digit unmistakable code that is given on the stub of the payer. The BSR code accompanies the CIN assortment and is utilized as an absolutely special mix along the edge of the challan assortment and furthermore the installment saved to date.
  • Use of BSR Code
    BRS code is used in online transaction which help bank to keep a clear record of every online payment done towards tax, which is all made available to the Income Tax Department by the banks.