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Age Calculator is a simple Calculator application that helps you calculate your exact age in years, months and days. Age Calculator online is the best and quickest way to calculate your age with your date of birth.

Age Calculator online on google is the best online age calculation tool.

Facts about the Age Calculator app:

We welcome you to the best age calculation website. Your wish to have a user-friendly age calculator online application will be fulfilled here.

The Age Calculator app download will provide you the facility to get the exact time between two duration of time with every minute details.

The minute details this Age Calculator app will provide you are as follows:

How to use the Age Calculator app?

Using this age Calculator online is very easy and portable. The only thing you require to do is fill in your date of birth and current date.

As soon as you have done this simple step, click on calculate button present on your screen.

At that very moment, the Age Calculator app automatically generates the exact time duration in great detail.

Suppose you want to share your birth details with any of your relatives or friends. What you need to do is just click on the details on your mobile / laptop's screen. The system will automatically copy it into your system.

You can even print the details and save the details as a pdf for later reference.

An example of a result by Age Calculator online:-

Date of Birth: 23rd March 1994

Current Date: 14th October 2020

Result (age) :

Year – 26 years

Month – 6 months

Days – 22 days.

In addition to these 3 details, the Calculator will also display details of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Think of the accuracy level of Age Calculator online.

Other uses of the Age Calculator app!

You can use our website to calculate ages to be entered on online exams without worrying about accuracy.

100% accuracy is our prime motto, and that is why we have designed this application for you users.