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Locate Adhaar Enrollment Center in India

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Statewise list of Adhaar Enrollment Center in india
#State NameDistrictsPost Offices
1Andaman And Nicobar Islands36
2Andhra Pradesh131471
3Arunachal Pradesh1968
8Dadra And Nagar Haveli131
9Daman And Diu224
14Himachal Pradesh12499
15Jammu And Kashmir22310
20Madhya Pradesh502291
31Tamil Nadu332170
34Uttar Pradesh754143
36West Bengal21586

The Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique number issued by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). This number is provided by taking the biometric details of an individual, such as iris scan, fingerprints, and demographic information, such as date of birth and address.

The Supreme Court appealed that individuals should not fundamentally associate their Aadhaar number with different financial services, such as bank accounts, mutual funds, etc.

However, when filing income tax returns or applying for a new PAN card, you still have to mandatorily link your PAN with Aadhaar or quote your Aadhaar number. Browse through the posts on this page to keep all the news about Aadhaar up-to-date.

Once a person enrolls by visiting Aadhaar Centers or Banks/Post Offices for the Aadhaar card, he/she can download and print the UIDAI Aadhaar using a UIDAI enrollment ID, virtual ID, or Aadhaar number. Once a number is given, many different steps can be followed for downloading the Aadhar card.

How to verify an Aadhar card online?

When your aadhar card is active and the biometric details available in UIDAI's database, you can easily verify your aadhar card online. You need to scroll through the official website Then tap on Aadhar services, and after that, you will see verify aadhar number, and by taping on this, you will be redirected to a page. Now put your 12 digit adhar card number and fill the captcha code.

If your Aadhaar number is working, the website will approve this by mentioning that it exists. Other information presented on the website includes your age group, gender, state of residence, and the last three digits of your cell phone number.

If you cannot validate your aadhar number, the website will let you know that your Aadhaar number does not exist. In that case, you'll need to carry your supporting document to the nearest enrolment center.

This is possible to re-verify the biometrics and re-enter UIDAI's database. The expense of updating your biometrics and information in the Aadhaar database is Rs 25 plus 18% GST.

What is adhaar virtual ID, and how to generate it?

If you are worried about misuse of your aadhar details, it is now easy to generate an Adhaar virtual ID, which you can use to authenticate your transactions and KYC services. Different service providers accept VID rather than adhaar numbers. You can also use this for online address update in your adhaar.

What is VID?

The VID is a 16 digit revocable number that is connected to your adhaar number. As per UIDAI, one's Aadhaar number cannot be inferred from the VID formed. For verification, a virtual ID may be used in the same way as an Aadhaar number. VIDs can easily be created through the UIDAI portal.

As it is a digital ID, you can regenerate it several times, keeping your original adhaar number safe. Currently, VID is valid for a day, which means that a new VID can be revived by an Aadhaar holder a day after the first one has been created.

Furthermore, the VID has no expiration date, so it will remain current until you produce a new one. This feature on the UIDAI website is only available if you have registered your mobile number with the UIDAI database.

It is because all Aadhaar-related online services need a one-time password (OTP), which can only be accessed by registering your mobile number with UIDAI. When you open a new bank account or an insurance policy, you can still use VID instead of putting adhaar number.

How to generate VID on UIDAI's portal?

You have to go to the VID generator on the UIDAI home page in aadhar services. Then put your adhaar number, security code and tap on send OTP. You will get OTP on your registered mobile number.

Now you have to enter OTP and generate new VID or retrieve the generated one. Then you will get an SMS with VID on your mobile number.

How to get your Aadhar Card?

You can easily avail your Aadhar card. Every Citizen has the right to get his Adhaar Card. You can get your Aadhar Card by visiting the nearest Adhaar Card Enrollment Center. After your Enrollment your Aadhar Card will be Delivered to your Address.

You can also find your nearest adhaar card enrollment center from this website. Just fill in the necessary information and get your nearest adhaar Enrollment Center.

How to update adhaar details?

Currently, whenever you file an income tax return or applying for a new PAN card, you need to link your adhaar. So it is crucial to have your data correct on adhaar database.

But if it is printed wrongly, your DOB or address how you can change it. You can visit the nearest adhaar enrolment center, or you can change your address online through their official website.

According to UIDAI, the name on an <aadhar card can be corrected twice. An Aadhaar cardholder can change his date of birth and name once in their lifetime. If the update takes longer than the allotted time, it will be handled through the 'Exception Handling process.

But by visiting aadhaar enrollment center, one can update all the details, including name, address to fingerprints, and iris scan.

You have to carry original supporting documents to update or correct adhaar details.

To locate the nearest adhaar enrolment center, you need to get the help of the internet. The nearest Aadhar enrollment center can be located by State, Pin Code, and Search box.

How to check if your PAN is linked with adhaar?

The PAN mandatorily be linked with adhaar; otherwise, it would become invalid by a date notified by the government. Sooner or later, as an empowering facility has already been merged in section 139AA of the Income Tax Act, the government will set the time limit for all PAN holders to attach the same to their Aadhaar. Consequently, it's a good idea to link the two.

Here's how to make sure the two identification numbers are connected in the income tax department's database if you've already done so. Just visit Then under the quick links head, you have to tap on the link adhaar option.

You will be redirected to a new page, and a new hyperlink will be reproducing, letting you view the status of PAN-Aadhaar linkage. Then click on the hyperlink and put your PAN and Adhaar number to view link adhaar status.

The website will show you the status of whether your PAN is linked to Aadhaar or not.

How to get a duplicate of Aadhar, if you have lost one?

As aadhar is a mandatory document, if you misplace it, it will be a headache. So here is the solution if you have lost your aadhar. To retrieve your adhaar enrollment ID online, you must have an accurate mobile number or email ID.

An OTP will be sent in your mobile number to retrieve your aadhar even if you forgot your enrollment number. Just visit their official website to download the duplicate copy of adhaar.

The UIDAI website offers this choice under the 'Aadhaar Online Services' Head. You have to click on retrieve Lost UID, and you will get a new page open on your screen. You will be asked to fill in different fields, such as name, email, or mobile number.

You must also select whether to receive the Aadhaar Number (UID) or the Enrolment Number (Enrolment Number) (EID). Now click on Send OTP, and OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Just enter the OTP to verify it.

After you put OTP on the UIDAI website and check it as correct by the app, either on your email or mobile, you will receive the Aadhaar number, whatever you stated earlier.

To download the e-copy, you can use the Aadhaar number/enrollment ID which you got on the email/mobile. Password protection will be added to the PDF file.

The password will be the first four Letters of your name in CAPITAL followed by your year of Birth.

Here is a Example-

Name: Piyush Kumar Jha

DOB: 26/05/1996

Ths password is PIYU1996

What is a masked adhaar card?

One of the advanced options for individuals to mask their Aadhaar cards is to download an e-Aadhaar. The first eight digits are replaced with 'XXXX-XXXX,' and only the last four digits of the Aadhaar number are displayed.

It is intended to shield your Aadhaar number from being exposed to anyone. Your masked Aadhaar card is legal in the same way as your standard e-Aadhaar card is. To download updated Aadhar cards in the masked format, follow the steps listed below

At first, you have to click on the link Then, select Aadhaar, VID, or Enrolment Number in the "Enter your details" section.

Now select masked adhaar in selecting your preferred section and put other details like adhaar number, name, and security code. To send OTP to a mobile number registered with UIDAI, click on send OTP.

To permit UIDAI for authentication using your personal information, click "I Agree." To get an OTP to your registered number, click Confirm.

To download the masked Aadhaar card, enter the OTP and click "Download Aadhaar."

How to get adhaar card without a mobile number?

Without a phone number registered, you won't be able to get adhaar online. It would be best if you visit the nearest adhaar enrolment center with your aadhar number. Confirm the appropriate biometric information, such as fingerprint verification, iris scan, and so on.

Bring other evidence of identity, for example, a PAN and identity card. You will be given a printout of adhaar. A standard paper type will set you back Rs 50, while the PVC version will set you Rs 100.

Where can I get Aadhar Enrollment Center?

You can get to Aadhar Enrollment Center from your Nearby Bank. You can also Locate your nearby Aadhar Enrollment Center from our website.

The process is very simple. Just Choose your Location and few necessary Details, and you will get your nearby Aadhaar Enrollment Center. Get the Location of your Nearby Aadhaar Enrollment Center from here